XML Tutorials

  1. Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations help you separate XML content from presentation - XIM is an XML-based programming language with imperative control features, such as assignment and loops, and an interpreter written in XSLT. XIM programs can thus be packaged with an XIM processor (as an XSLT stylesheet) and sent to the client for execution. In this article, we define the language and examine its operational semantics implementation in XSLT. To show the usefulness of packaging code with its execution engine, we present a web application that accepts user choices, gets the parameters for the requested operation, generates an XIM program that does the computation, and sends the program—together with its interpreter—to the client for execution. The implications of this approach are significant. In principle, you don’t need to be restricted to existing programming languages on the client side. Nor do you need to make assumptions about the availability of certain environments on the client side—other than that of the XSLT processor, which is already supported in all mainline web browsers. This gives you the freedom of choosing any programming language, provided its processor can be packaged and sent to the client with it.