Network engineer/architect interview questions

  1. Explain how traceroute, ping, and tcpdump work and what they are used for?
  2. Describe a case where you have used these tools to troubleshoot.
  3. What is the last major networking problem you troubleshot and solved on your own in the last year?
  4. What LAN analyzer tools are you familiar with and describe how you use them to troubleshoot and on what media and network types.
  5. Explain the contents of a routing table (default route, next hop, etc.)
  6. What routing protocols have you configured?
  7. Describe the commands to set up a route.
  8. What routing problems have you troubleshot?
  9. How do you display a routing table on a Cisco? On a host?
  10. How do you use a routing table and for what?
  11. What is a route flap?
  12. What is a metric?
  13. When do you use BGP, IGRP, OSPF, Static Routes?
  14. What do you see as current networking security issues (e.g. NFS mounting, spoofing, one time passwords, etc.)?
  15. Describe a routing filter and what it does.
  16. Describe an access list and what it does.
  17. What is a network management system?
  18. Describe how SNMP works.
  19. Describe the working environment you are currently in, e.g. frequent interruptions, frequent priority shifting, team or individual.
  20. What do you use to write documentation? Editor? Mail reader?
  21. What platform (s) do you currently work on at your desk?
  22. How do you manage multiple concurrent high level projects?
  23. Describe a recent short term stressful situation and how you managed it.
  24. How do you manage a long term demanding stressful work environment?
  25. Have you worked in an assignment based environment, e.g. work request/trouble ticket system, and if so, describe that environment.
  26. Describe what network statistics or measurement tools you are familiar with and how you have used them.
  27. Describe what a VPN is and how it works.
  28. Describe how VoIP works.
  29. Describe methods of QoS.
  30. How does ToS bit work?
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5 Comments on Network engineer/architect interview questions

  1. Harkanwaljit
    Posted 5/16/2005 at 11:28 am | Permalink

    This is a good site for all and specially for fresh people to the industry or in field …

    i like to appritiate the work done by the site maker for this help to technical people…..

    Harkanwaljit singh

  2. alexendria
    Posted 5/17/2005 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

    I have some questions regarding architects. I would appreciate it if u would send me the answers so that i have a complete understanding. thank you

    what are the possibilities for advancement for architects?

    What is the work enviornment like for Architects?

    what are the responsibilities for an architect?

    what are the rewards for being and Architect?

    Salary ranges for architects?

    what are the positives and negatives of architecture?

    name 3 other careers involving this career.

  3. ramesh arvapalli
    Posted 8/1/2006 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    i came from computers back ground.

    I have some idea on lan architectue, but not completly.

    I have a question regarding this architecture please reply me as soon as possible.

    ” You are the n/w engineer for an organization. Your company has requested you to propose a n/w solution for Hill Top Sdn Bhd.
    Hill Top Sdn Bhd. consists of 2 floors. Ground station is made up of the administration, marketing, sales andIT department. The HR and account department as well as manager’s room are located in first floor.

    The number of reuired equipments are listed below

    Supervisor Staff Printer Server
    Administration: 1 6 1(manager)3
    Marketing: 1 4 1(manager),3
    Sales: 1 4 1(manager),3
    IT: 1 2 1(manager),1
    HR: 1 2 1(manager),1
    Account: 1 2 1(manager),1
    Manager: 1 1

    There is an urgent need to create a LAN to share info and resources.

    Can u pls make a rough diagram for this lan n/w for ground floor and first floor and which n/w u selected and justify ur answer.”

  4. jim
    Posted 6/11/2007 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    Good questions. Thank you for the work. We don’t use BGP or VOIP, but I did cut and paste many of the questions for a round of interviews.

    If a candidate had simply memorized the answers to these questions, it would be no problem to see right through them.

  5. rp
    Posted 5/21/2008 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    1. traceroute –> traces the route to the destination ip/network you want to reach, uses ICMP pings.
    Ping –> does icmp request to destination and waits for response
    tcpdump –> similar to snoop utility to monitor/capture packets coming in going out of interface

    5. routing table mainly contains the entries to destination addresses/networks, the gateway/interface to be used to reach the destination. you could add default entry which will be added towards the end of the routing table to be used when no specific route entry matches

    7. route add/delete [net] [destination ip/network address] [gateway]

    9. on a host try netstat -nr

    26. netstat -a; ipstat; ethereal; snoop


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