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EDS Visual Basic and SQL Server interview questions

What is the difference between modal and modaless form in VB?
Why we need a MDI form? How can we make a form as a mdichild form?
Specify technical & functional architecture of your last 2 projects.
What are the objects in ADODB?
What are different types of cursors in ADODB?
What are different types of locks in ADODB?
What is [...]

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Active Server Pages interview questions

How do you create a recordset object in VBScript?
What is Querystring collection? - It allows you to extract data sent to the server using a GET request.
Explain the difference between POST and GET Method. - GET requests are string data that is visible to the end user via the URL and a limit of [...]

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MS SQL Server developer interview

Which of the following has the highest order of precedence?

Functions and Parenthesis
Multiplication, Division and Exponents
Addition and Subtraction
Logical Operations

When designing a database table, how do you avoid missing column values for non-primary key columns?

Use UNIQUE constraints
Use PRIMARY KEY constraints
Use DEFAULT and NOT NULL constraints
Use FOREIGN KEY constraints
Use SET constraints

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VB interview questions

You are creating a client application that calls ActiveX DLLs. Which of the following properties of the Err object provides the name of a component that sends an error back to the client application?

None of the above

If the Cancel Error Property of the CommonDialog Box is set to true then which of the following statement [...]

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VB interview questions and answers

What is the method for returning more than one values from a function in VB?
What is early-binding and late-binding? Does ASP support early-binding?
Difference between T-SQL and PL/SQL?
How can a COM object be modified in VB?
What is Byval and ByRef in VB? And how does it work?
Have you used inner join? How does it work? What [...]

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ASP interview questions

What is wrong with Request.ServerVariables(”HTTP_REFERER”)?
Why do I get 80020003 errors?
How do I perform a Whois / DNS lookup from ASP?
Why can’t I turn buffering off using Response.Buffer?

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Questions to ask VB programmer

3 main differences between flexgrid control and dbgrid control
ActiveX and Types of ActiveX Components in VB
Advantage of ActiveX Dll over Active Exe
Advantages of disconnected recordsets
Benefit of wrapping database calls into MTS transactions
Benefits of using MTS

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Some VB interview questions

Reader submission.

How do you represent your menu description in the status Bbr of your MDI? So that when I move the mouse over menu option, the description is shown in appropriate status bar?
How would you make a program which scans a bar code and perform action depending on the bar code value?
What is the difference [...]

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Visual Basic interview questions

How do you center a form?
Can I send keystrokes to a DOS application?
Convert an RGB value to a long, or a long to RGB.
Implement smooth scrolling for either text, graphics or controls across a form.
Implement some quick and easy encryption (can be something primitive).
4 different types of sorts: advantages and disadvantages.
Compute [...]

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Open-ended .NET questions

A reader sent in the list of open-ended .NET interview questions.

What is the difference between VB 6 and VB.NET?
What are the authentication methods in .NET?
What’s the use of formatters in .NET?
What is Serialization in .NET?
How is Threading done in .NET?
Differences between Namespace, Class, Assembly?
What’s the use of System.Diagnostics.Process class?

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Basic VB interview questions

A reader sent these in noting that these questions were used in his company for interviewing prospective VB programmers.

How do you center a form?
Can I send keystrokes to a DOS application?

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ASP, ADO and IIS interview questions

This came in the mail from the reader who recently went through a job interview process. He didn’t mention the company name.

Why do you use Option Explicit?
What are the commonly used data types in VBScript?

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