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Basic sed tricks

What is sed? - sed is stream editor, a Unix tool for working with streams of text data. See the awful truth about sed.
How do you substitute strings with sed? - Use ’s/old/new’ command, so sed ’s/hello/goodbye/’ would substitute the occurrence of the word hello to goodbye.
How do you inject text with sed? - & [...]

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Linux network administrator questions

A pretty funny story - someone was offered a test of basic Linux questions for a junior network administrator position, and figured out that the best way to impress the future employer with good answers is to post the list on UbuntuForums. Good idea, right? That’s where all the Linux experts hang out. Unfortunately, that’s [...]

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Linux command line Q&A

You need to see the last fifteen lines of the files dog, cat and horse. What command should you use? tail -15 dog cat horse The tail utility displays the end of a file. The -15 tells tail to display the last [...]

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Unix admin questions

How do you list the files in an UNIX directory while also showing hidden files?
How do you execute a UNIX command in the background?
What UNIX command will control the default file permissions when files are created?
Explain the read, write, and execute permissions on a UNIX directory.
What is the difference between a soft link and a [...]

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Hiring an IT guy - questions to ask

This is an aggregated list of questions discussed for hiring an IT guy for your organization at SpiceWorks community forum. Check out their discussion, and description of what question are good and which ones are not that good.

What port does telnet use?
What is SMTP?
How would you troubleshoot a printer?
How does traceroute work?
Walk me through everything [...]

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Sysadmin sample interview questions

Why was it that you left the last job that you were at?
What do you think your top 3 strengths are?
What is most important to you in a job?
Major difference between FAT and NTFS on a local machine?
How many passwords by default are remembered in an active directory?
What is a C name record (in DNS)?
What [...]

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Linux application programming questions

Explain the difference between a static library and a dynamic library? - Static library is linked into the executable, while a dynamic library (or shared object) is loaded while the executable has started.
How do you create a static library? - If you have a collection of object (.o) files, you can do it by running [...]

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Perl self-test questions

Dr. Dobb’s Journal in its Linux and open source section is running an article by Emmett Dulaney with 50 Perl questions and answers. The focus is mainly on the knowledge of the language itself with questions like:
- What is the simplest type of data that Perl can work with?
- Which operator can be [...]

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Basic shell scripting questions

How do you find out what’s your shell? - echo $SHELL
What’s the command to find out today’s date? - date
What’s the command to find out users on the system? - who
How do you find out the current directory you’re in? - pwd
How do you remove a file? - rm
How do you remove a

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MySQL management interview questions

How do you show the currently running queries? - SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST;
How do you kill a MySQL query? - See the ID of it from the question above, then KILL id. You can separate multiple IDs by space.
I need to find out how many client connections were aborted by MySQL server. - It’s displayed in [...]

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Interview questions for a sysadmin

Siddharth sent in questions he got for sysadmin interview:

Difference between layer 2 and layer 3 devices?
What is VLAN?
What is the subnet for a class C network?
Are you familiar with automounter?
Have you configured an NIS server/client?
Have your configured a NFS server?
Windows and Linux interoperability how to?
What is RAID 1?

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Simple FreeBSD questions

Test the basic knowledge of FreeBSD.

What’s in the file /etc/ttys? - Configuration for virtual consoles for the startup. By default FreeBSD has 8 virtual consoles.
You’re told that the permissions of a file are 645. Quick, how do you calculate what it means? - The permissions value are always 4 for read, 2 for write, 1 [...]

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