Good questions to ask during management interview

  1. Could you please describe the management team to me?
  2. Does the company have a Net-use policy?
  3. Will I receive my assignments from IT or from the business unit?
  4. Do developers have little contact with the business unit or significant contact?
  5. Can you show or sketch me an organizational chart?
  6. If for any reason you were unable to function as CEO, how would you like to see the company managed?
  7. To whom does the chief information or technology officer report?
  8. How would you describe the degree to which you want your heirs to have strategic or operational influence in the company until one of them is ready to assume the role of COO or CEO?
  9. What are you hoping to accomplish, and what will be my role in those plans?
  10. May I see a job description? What are the most important responsibilities of the job?
  11. How much time should be devoted to each area of responsibility?
  12. What is my spending/budget authority?
  13. What initial projects would I be tackling?
  14. What are the biggest technical challenges ahead for this department/ company?
  15. Presuming that I’m successful on this assignment, where else might I be of service to the company?
  16. Traditionally, companies have used IT to reduce bottom-line costs. But
  17. I am excited about the use of IT to advance top-line opportunities such as creating new products and identifying new markets. Can you talk about how IT is used in this company to create top-line value?
  18. What structured strategies for software testing have you found effective here?
  19. Does the company use an IT steering committee?
  20. If you put all the salespeople in a line from your best to the merely acceptable performer, what are the earnings of the 50th percentile? The 25th? The 75th?
  21. Can you describe the performance of the sales team?
  22. What is the commission structure, and what is my earning potential in 1, 3, 5, or 10 years?
  23. What percentage of salespeople attain objectives?
  24. What percentage of the current people are above and below their set goals?
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