Dealing with your job

Five Ways to Avoid a Tech Career Crisis - Technology professionals understand that they work in an industry characterized by rapid-fire change, but techies sometimes fail to manage their careers appropriately. Too often, network administrators, programmers and others find themselves in a most uncomfortable position — laid off from a once-secure job with skills that are no longer as attractive to employers as they once were.
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Flexible working: How do I know that they’re really working? - Telecommuting and hotdesking were not terms that former generations needed to know. Today, flexible working practices have brought them all into vogue.
Get a rude co-worker to shut up - I was hired about six months ago to do part of the work a colleague had been doing. Lately, he has developed the extremely rude habit of interrupting whenever I’m speaking - and almost always leaping to the wrong conclusion. He shouts me down to interrupt me. It’s not that I’m delivering long monologues; I try to keep my remarks brief and to the point. This is really aggravating an already stressful working relationship. How does one make “shut up and let me finish” sound polite?
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Fatal mistakes when starting a new job - Whether you’re changing jobs in mid-career or starting your first full-time gig as a new grad, here’s how to avoid common - and dangerous - errors.
New ways to get ahead - At many FORTUNE 500 employers, it’s now easier to move up by moving sideways first.
Is a messy office hazardous to your career? - Some believe a cluttered desk makes a bad impression, others feel that it’s a sign of a creative mind. What do bosses think?
Be smarter at work, slack off - In a world of too much work and too much multitasking, the best way to beat the competition may be to do less.
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How to succeed in business: listen! - Sounds simple enough, yet most of us don’t do a very good job at it. Here are 10 tactics to make sure you’re paying attention to what others are saying.
Is your job making you fat? -
Some practical tips on how to prevent yourself from turning into a desk potato. Plus, what to do if you don’t want to bunk with a colleague on business trips.
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Is racial bias holding you back at work? - Many people of color struggle to be recognized for their achievements. That may be true — or not. Still everyone can learn ways to overcome obstacles.
Does your employer help you stay healthy? - Pitney Bowes provides walking paths and Aetna helps pay for weight-management classes. But companies overlook an easy way to help workers be healthier: time off.
Help! How do I deal with a hothead? - ‘I have someone reporting to me who is always angry. Apart from this one issue, he’s a very productive employee, but how can I cope with his constant hostility?’
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