Generic interview questions

A reader sent in a set of interview questions:

1. You are looking for a challenging career. Please elaborate in terms of the following:

a) What are the kinds of challenges that you are looking forward in your career?
b) How have you equipped yourself to rise to these challenges?
c) What are the specific aims/ visions that you have with respect to your career?
d) Visit the website of the company. Do you think that a career with the company will aid in meeting your aims? If so please elaborate.

2. What is your idea of ideal work for your own self? And what is the type of work that you would not like to do?

3. What is your idea of an ideal work environment? How do you think you can help in creating such an environment here at our company?

4. What kind of work/ interpersonal relationships do you expect to establish with the various people in the company, viz. your peers, you subordinates, your superiors, and others from other departments.

5. How do you think you are equipped to meet all the above specifications that you have set for yourself?

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